Ghassoul Clay Mask for luxurious, healthy hair.

Ghassoul Clay Mask for luxurious, healthy hair.

We all want beautiful hair -  naturally.  It isn't nearly as hard as it may seem.  In Morocco, we all learned to actually wash with Ghassoul Clay Powder at a very young age.  I still remember my mother putting powder in my hair and mixing with water.  It provides a great mask, absorbs all the grit and grime and is easily removed through rinsing.   If you want to avoid all the hair serums, masks, butters etc., but seek thick, healthy hair then this may be for you.  Here is a great way to introduce you to Ghassoul for hair.


First - Use your favorite shampoo.  It won't matter if this is a conditioning shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo etc.  Any shampoo will do (unless you use Zakia's Morocco Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Shampoo - as this already has Ghassoul Clay)

Second - Pour an equal amount of clay in your hand with the shampoo.  Just rub together and apply.  Shampoo as always.  There will be a similar lather as without, but you will feel a very, very slight grittiness. Sounds bad, but it is actually the powder that is working to absorb all the extra oil, toxins and impurities.  It also helps stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. 

Third - Rinse really, really well.  You will feel your hair to be cleaner yet fuller.  Condition as normal and then rinse, blow dry or just leave naturally.

You will be amazed at how well this simple, effective treatment will leave your hair looking and feeling so healthy and full of body and bounce.

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