Pigs may or may not fly, but goats really do climb trees!

Pigs may or may not fly, but goats really do climb trees!

We have having fun with some new Video Shorts - only 15 seconds long that tell a bit about our products and our company. Here is one I love - it shows one of the very first steps in the traditional harvesting process of Argan Nut for the creation of edible or cosmetic Argan Oil. Pigs may or may not fly, but goats certainly climb trees in Morocco. And why you ask do they climb trees - well one tree in particular. The Argan Spinosa - or Argan Tree that is native only to Western Morocco. Imagine, no where else on earth doe this unique and ancient tree successfully grow. And it is endangered due largely to the encroachment of the Sahara, but also stress from burning for local communities farming and heating needs. This large area is now a UNESCO protected environment and communities have found harvesting the nuts from these trees is far more valuable than they could have ever imagined. But, I digress..... The goats so love the Argan nut they actually climb these trees which are more than just scrub bushes. They can be 4-5 meters tall. The husk of the nut is extremely hard and the goats are able to eat the husk which, in turn is passed through the animal's gut and softened by the internal enzymes. They are then collected and then crushed by hand or machine to create the miracle oil. Have a look at the video - its fun!


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