Moroccan Black Soap Exfoliating Kessa Gift Box - Fleur d'Oranger

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Exfoliating benefits include a healthy, smoother and younger looking skin. It also helps to remove dead skin that clogs pores which in turn allow your skin to breathe and prevent acne, pimples, blackhead and whiteheads from breaking out. Proper care and exfoliation will help you look younger and have a much healthier skin.This kit includes our famous Moroccan Black Soap for the deepest, most moisturizing bathing experience; a fun loofah ball that makes it even easier to make a nice creamy lather and, of course our Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Glove.


  • Moroccan Black Soap - 8 oz
  • Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Glove
  • Loofah ball