Safety Information

    Nice Things People Say About Us

    All or products are natural and whenever possible organic.

    Argan Oil - Argan is a nut oil.  Although we have never heard of an adverse reaction to Argan oil we never rule out the possibility.  I you are alergic to nuts an nut bi-products including oil then we recommend you consult your physician prior to use.

    Ghassoul Clay - This is an organic argile clay.  It is common to have a mild reddish reaction after use, but this tends to go away after 10-15 minutes.  Should a more severe reaction occur stop using.  If it persists longer than a few hours you may want to contact your physician.  Do not use on open wounds, sunburned or damaged skin.  If in doubt, always consult your dermatologist or physician prior to use.

    All other beauty products -

    These are cosmetic products for external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.  In case of adverse reaction always consult a physician.