Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizers and Moisturizing Soap

Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizers and Moisturizing Soap

Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizers and Moisturizing Soap
Your skin is the biggest organ that your body has. It works day and night to protect your body from the harms of the outside world. So it only makes sense that we should treat it right and keep it well protected, right?
Unfortunately for most of us, we completely fail at this. We spend too long in the sun, use harsh products on our skin, and strip it of its protective layer by the drying soaps we use on a daily basis.
Our Skin Needs Moisture to Protect Itself
Moisture is the one thing that keeps our skin in tip-top shape by ensuring that the protective layer on the surface of our skin remains balanced and able to block out harmful bacteria.
Over drying your skin can cause so many issues that can take a long time to heal and can sometimes leave permanent damage. Early signs of aging, acne, redness, and puffiness just to name a few. That’s why we always want to make sure we’re using moisturizing soap when cleansing and always ensuring that we use a moisturizer of some sort. If you still need some convincing, this is why your skin needs moisturizers and moisturizing soap.
Balance Oil Production
A huge misconception about your skin and using moisturizers is that if you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use any moisturizing products because they only add to the oil production. However, that is COMPLETELY false.
In fact, the reason many people have such oily skin is because they don’t use moisturizers or moisturizing soap. This leaves their skin dry and tight which tells your body to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. By using moisturizers and moisturizing soap you’ll be able to cut down on that oil production.
Balance Your pH
Your skin has a natural pH level that is slightly acidic in order to kill off harmful bacteria and debris. But if your skin is dry and lacking in moisture, the pH level is going to be off and you’ll open your skin’s natural protective barrier to all of those harmful bacteria that can wreak havoc on your face! Moisturizers help restore your skin’s pH level so the natural barrier can function as it should.
Prevent Acne
A lot of people believe that if you scrub your skin with an astringent cleanser that they won’t get acne. But most of those same people are the ones with most of the acne! That’s because those harsh cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils and even break down your protective barrier and allow for acne causing bacteria to invade. You need moisturizing soap in order to both cleanse and then reinforce the moisture that is usually lost when you wash your face.
Prevent Acne Scars
Moisturizers and moisturizing soap don’t just prevent acne, they can actually prevent your skin against acne scars if you suffer from regular acne. In order for your skin to heal properly and healthily, it needs to have moisture in order for your cells to heal correctly. Therefore, you need a moisturizer and moisturizing cleansers to ensure that your skin has all the nutrients it needs to repair itself without leaving behind that nasty scar tissue.
Prevent Early Signs of Aging
It’s no secret that moisturizing can save your skin from those early signs of aging like cracked skin and fine lines. When your skin lacks moisture the cells shrivel up and dry out which you can actually see on your face. By using moisturizers and moisturizing cleaners, you’re refueling your cells to not only fill up and look supple, but you’re actually helping them to function properly and renew at a faster rate – resulting in younger-looking skin.
I think we can all agree that you skin needs moisturizers and moisturizing cleansers in order to function properly, prevent breakouts, and give you a healthy and supple glow for years to come.
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