Like all of you, I am concerned about what my family eats.  I want to make sure that we are all getting the very best that we can afford. 
According to most nutritionists, it is important to eat foods that are heavyweights in antioxidants.  Common agreement today suggests that antioxidants one of the important contributors in helping fight the aging process.   It all has to do with free radials that protect us from various ailments and diseases.   Antioxidant-rich foods not only make us feel better on the inside, but also on the outside.  These foods can provide a glowing, vibrant complexion.   One thing I am sure of is that supplements alone are no substitute for good, fresh wholesome food.   
I am a firm believer that eating healthy helps promote younger looking skin.  Washing, exfoliating and moisturizing are necessary for a glowing complexion, but without a proper diet the benefits are substantially reduced.  I am always advocating to drink more orange juice and eat fewer pastries around my home.  Another great addition to your diet is a few tablespoons of olive oil or flaxseed to your diet, or to eat some nuts or seeds (if you aren’t allergic to nuts).  Flaxseed or linseed oil has extremely high levels of a-linolenic acid (a particular form of Omega-3 fatty acid and is used as a great nutritional supplement. 
The most common antioxidant nutrients are vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. 
Vitamin C:  Citrus fruits and juices and tomatoes are good sources of vitamin C. Eat whole fruit for extra fiber.  Fresh juice is best, but can be expensive.  Avoid juice in glass containers, and heat-pasteurized juice. Light and heat destroy some of the vitamin C.
Vitamin E:  Great sources of Vitamin E are olive oil, Argan oil (non-cosmetic), nuts, seeds, wheat germ and fish oils.   Apart from eating these in their natural state you can of course, find the in supplement form.  Personally, I use olive oil on everything just because it tastes so good!  Forget the butter and margarine and just use olive oil.  You’ll be surprised at the difference.
Beta-carotene:   These fall into the typical veggies category.  Orange and yellow vegetables, and leafy green vegetables, including broccoli, are all good sources. Instead of potato chips or popcorn for an evening snack while watching television, opt for prepackaged, washed and peeled baby carrots.
Take good care of your skin with a daily beauty treatment with pure and natural cosmetics and bathing products, but equally important is your beauty within.  Make sure you treat your skin to a combination of a healthy, antioxidant rich diet for healthy, glowing and younger looking skin.   With attentive skin care, regular exercise (even modest), sufficient rest and sleep, a healthy diet and of course lots and lots of water you will enjoy an improved quality of life and a natural and glowing complexion.  

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