Hammam Home Spa Gift Sets - 8 Scents

Hammam Home Spa Gift Sets - 8 Scents

The Hammam is the ultimate home spa beauty Kit. Our Argan Oil Black Soap is the base of this exceptional beauty routine and offers exceptional moisturizing properties. The Hammam is the perfect gift for anyone wanting gloriously healthy skin and complexion. Your spirits will be uplifted and overall well being improved.
Designed specifically for a specialty gift wanting the ultimate home beauty spa. We have included five great products traditional to Morocco and perfect for your everyday skin care for beautiful, healthy skin.
Included is our signature 100% pure, organic Argan Oil, Moroccan Black Soap, Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Face and Body Mask and Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Glove.
If you want the ultimate spa experience at home, Zakia's Hammam Spa Beauty Kit is exactly what you need. This gift set is perfect for anyone looking to increase the health and glory of their skin and complexion. With the Hammam Home Spa Gift Bag, you will be uplifted, purified, and your overall well bring will be greatly improved.
Start with a warm hot bath or shower to open all those pores and moisturize your skin. Then rub our unique, velvety smooth Moroccan Black Soap all over with your hands, washcloth or loofah. Our fusion of wild Eucalyptus, the traditional scent of Moroccan Hammam, will awaken and invigorate your senses and lift your spirits. Let this pure, natural moisturizing soap deep clean and treat your skin like no other. You will be amazed. We know you will enjoy our Moroccan Black Soap that it will become your daily soap.
Follow with an invigorating exfoliation with the Moroccan Kessa Glove. For truly beautiful, healthy skin it is recommended to exfoliate at least once every two weeks and even more frequently. The Moroccan Black Soap and hot, steamy water will prepare your skin for the ultimate exfoliation. Rinse and Rub - watch the dead skin and toxins peel away!
Now - try an all over face and body mask. Mixed with water, this 100% pure, natural Ghassoul Clay will help clean, tone and detoxify your skin. Use weekly to remove black heads, impurities, treat skin ailments and simply look younger and healthier. You will be amazed at how this unique Ghassoul clay, mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco will leave your skin.
And finally, no treatment should be without the glorious benefits of 100% pure, organic Argan Oil. Massage this rich, vitamin packed oil into your skin and hair to repair, hydrate, and rejuvenate. Known for centuries by Moroccans and now the darling of the beauty industry, our Argan Oil is deodorized for comfort, quality and consistency. Argan oil is sure to add a supple radiance to your skin and keep it healthy and luminous. Lov'in it.

At Zakia's Morocco - we know our Hammam!


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